The ABCD software

This software implements the adapted and constrained Dijkstra for elastic optical networks proposed in:

I. Szcześniak, and B. Woźna-Szcześniak, “Adapted and constrained Dijkstra for elastic optical networks”, 20th International Conference on Optical Network Design and Modeling (ONDM), pp. 200-205, May 2016.

You can checkout the “1.0” tag to get the version used to produce results for that article.

This is legacy software, and is no longer maintained. The generic Dijkstra project replaces this software.


You can download the code at:

Or you can use git:

git clone

The software was written and is maintained by Ireneusz (Irek) Szczesniak, it’s licensed under GPL and copyrighted by the AGH University of Science and Technology.