The dxhdf5 package

During the months of July, August, September, October 2003 and July, August, September 2002 I was working for Prof. John R. Cary as a computer programmer at the Center for Integrated Plasma Studies of the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. My task was to design and develop modules for the OpenDX package.

From the dxhdf5 web page: The package contains two OpenDX modules: ImportHDF5Field and ImportHDF5Species. The ImportHDF5Field module imports a field or a slab of a field from an HDF5 file. The field must be described on a regular grid, and the HDF5 file must have an appropriate structure. The ImportHDF5Species module imports from an HDF5 file particles which satisfy the user's conditions. The HDF5 file must be of a special format.

My contributions to the package include:

The package's web page is here.

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